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Summery Kale Salad + Thoughts on Accountability

Hooray! It’s finally summer! Not that that’s really changed much, BUT it’s officially a new season and the perfect opportunity to reset some health goals! (Plus it’s a Monday which is arguably the most popular day for a healthy diet kick-start!)

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Just some humor to make your Monday a little brighter.

For me, Summer started a little earlier than the official launch of the season & I’ve been enjoying every bit of it! From baseball games, (go Giants!) to movie nights & delicious homemade dinners with friends there hasn’t been much to complain about. However….

In between all of the fun, I’ve had to make an extra effort to be accountable.

When it comes to weight-loss and even weight maintenance, accountability is key. Will-power is often thought of as the make-it or break-it piece of the whole diet-pie, however will-power plays on your emotions & can only get you so far.

Accountability is what puts your own health-goals directly into your own hands.

Accountability is a skill that needs to be put into practice in order to be mastered, it’s not easy! Sometimes it helps to have someone with similar goals to keep you on track, or sometimes all it takes is a daily reminder.

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When you lose accountability it’s all too easy to start playing the blame game when it comes to why you’ve gained weight or hit a plateau. When in reality, it’s probably just because you had one too many donuts at the office. Speaking of donuts, accountability is not about beating yourself up for the choices you make but acknowledging you made them and adjusting accordingly. Working out a little harder or eating a little less for dinner will get you a lot farther than wallowing in guilt!

My absolute favorite way to stay accountable is to keep a food log. A physical representation of everything you choose to eat in a day! It’s simple, but it can make all the difference in being able to pin-point a calorie culprit! Once you start to understand your own eating patterns it’s a whole lot easier to change them for the better!

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Now, I’m all about practicing what I preach so I’ve decided to include my own little food diary tab on this blog! I hope it’s a useful resource to get a peek into my own daily-diet and maybe even inspire some of you guys to start recording your own meals! you can find it up ^^^ & to the right >>> BTW I’m going to do my very best to update my log daily BUT forgive me for any lag-time! P.S. I’ve got some fun things planned for the bloggy this Summer so STAY TUNED!


Here is a recipe that is featured on my food log for lunch today! A simple and summery kale salad! Enjoy!

Summery Kale Salad

2 cups baby kale (arugula would work well too!)

1/2 fresh peach, sliced

1/4 cup grilled chicken, diced

1 TBSP raw almonds, roughly chopped

1 shallot, diced

1 TBSP Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 TBSP Apple Cider Vinegar

1 TBSP Honey

Salt and pepper to taste

In a medium bowl, add the kale, prepared peaches and chicken. In a separate small bowl, whisk together the EVOO, vinegar and honey. Add salt and freshly cracked pepper. Dice the shallots and add the the vinaigrette. Pour the prepared vinaigrette over the salad, toss and top with chopped almonds.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 3.15.26 PM

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