A healthy lifestyle can be as sweet as candy!

Wonder MORE, Care LESS.

Have you ever caught yourself consumed by feelings of insecurity? Maybe a better question is, who hasn’t? But have you ever stopped yourself in that very state of extreme self-consciousness and wondered, “Wait. Why do I care?”

Well the answer is simple, we are taught to care. I have spent more time than I’d like to admit caring about things that add little to no value to my life. It’s difficult to separate what deserves our attention from what ultimately weighs us down, but in my experience, it all circles back to what we think others think of us. Well that’s just plain S.T.U.P.I.D, am I right…

If you live your life catering to others, are you really living YOUR life or is it somebody else’s? What’s even more hilarious (or not quite) is that the people we may be living our lives for don’t really care anyways-about the way you choose to live that is-they’re most likely too busy caring about their how other perceive THEM…Whoah, that’s like an inception of care.

Of course there are things we should care about; (I’m not advising you all to give zero f#$*! here!) school, work, family, friends, health. But ask yourself, if you spend all your energy caring about things that don’t really matter, do you really have enough energy to direct to all the things that do?

Soo, what really happens when you care-LESS? Freedom. Freedom to live your life exactly the way you’ve imagined it. Freedom be authentic in everything you choose to wear, to do, to be. Freedom to wonder.

And to me, that’s the very best part, wonderment is truly wonderful. It’s like a happier inception, that leads to self-confidence rather than self-hatred.

Wonderment precedes inspiration, inspiration precedes motivation, and motivation is the path which leads directly to your goals.

It’s time to make caring-less a priority & wonderment a habit, and I hope you are all along for the ride!


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