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A Bad Gamble

Sometimes it takes a good change of pace to make you aware of the aspects of your life you have been neglecting. My daily summer routine, one of class and homework and work and blogging was switched up recently when I finished my chemistry class (thank god). Suddenly, as a majority of my usual schedule cleared, a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders and all I wanted to do was breathe. Taking chemistry over the summer was hard. A full years worth of chem packed into an intensive ten weeks., made for ten times the amount of stress.

Now that my class is over, I have been taking the extra time to enjoy the part of summer I have left, and reflect on the part of summer that is behind me. I began to wonder why it is we put so much pressure and added stress on ourselves in the first place? I love learning and I am all about school, however the immense pressure, unnecessary competition, and debilitating stress…not so much. If life is more about the journey than the destination, why do we gamble away our happiness in the present to (possibly) be successful and happy in the future.Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 2.22.18 PM

I’m glad I took a couple of hours away from studying to enjoy a dinner out with my mom and sister when they visited, I am glad I took a day off of work to spend a day at the beach with friends, because ultimately, those are the moments that have brought me joy. It’s not about disregarding your responsibilities, it’s about not disregarding yourself.

Just like the stress of my class, the stress of past dieting patterns prevented me from my own happiness. I was striving for my body and weight goals in ways that brought me success, but sacrificed my joy along the way. The pressure I put on myself to be perfect was what brought me to reach my goals, but it is also what made my goals crumble before my eyes. This time, I changed my lifestyle and I put my happiness first. Surprisingly, I have never felt more successful.Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 2.21.34 PM

It’s time to release the stress that is holding you back from reaching your happiness potential. Take the time to find out what your have sacrificed, if it’s your happiness, change something. Reach for your goals, but always remember that your personal joy and peace are the best goals of all.

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