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In the past week, I have acquired two new contraptions that have seriously changed the game. When I went home over the weekend I recalled that a couple years back my mom and I bought a juicer. I think I may have used it once before it was back in the box and sent to storage with the other contraptions that had lost their interest. After my long-term juice hiatus, it is time to bring that baby back! I rummaged through our storage and after some digging I found the box! Hooray! After a little dusting my Breville juicer was ready to go, and my mind was running, listing all the new juice possibilities that awaited. My first creation was a post-workout carrot/apple/beet/ginger juice. The tangy ginger and carrot combo worked perfectly with the sweet apple and beet, and the bright orange color was easy on the eyes!

Carrot-Ginger Juice

3 large carrots

2 beets

1 granny-smith apple

1 inch ginger

Wash your produce and throw all the veggies and fruits into the juicer on high speed. Mix the juice, pour into a glass, and enjoy!

I am in love with my Breville juicer because it makes everything SO EASY! I don’t have to do much preparation because the juicer basically does everything! I like to give all of my produce a good wash before hand for piece of mind, but I am able to throw whole apples in without destemming/decoreing because the juicer does that for me too! ImageNow, I mentioned that I have two new contraptions, the juicer being one. The other one is so exciting because they essentially go hand in hand. The other day I went to Home Goods to do some shopping (I really should stay out of that place, it’s dangerous) and my eyes met another beautiful tool. A Zoku instant Popsicle maker! Stop. Thoughts of fresh pressed juice Popsicles flashed through my mind and I didn’t even hesitate, I had to have it. When I was home, I immediately stuck the Zoku maker in the freezer so I could get to makin’ my popsicles the next day (it has to freeze for 24 hours beforehand). My mom and I always used to buy strawberry popsicles, (the kind with the chunks of fruit in them) so naturally that was my go-to. I also added a couple of slices of banana. In only about 7 minutes I was holding a cleanse-friendly, refined sugar free, and (most importantly) delicious summer treat!

Strawberry Banana Pops

10 strawberries hulled

1/2 banana sliced

1 tbsp almond milk

1 tsp vanilla

Makes 4 pops

Juice your hulled strawberries and add the almond milk and vanilla to the juice. Thinly slice banana. Remove the zoku maker from the freezer and with a chopstick (or something like it) press two slices of banana to the inside wall of the maker. Pour in the juice and let it sit until frozen (about 7 minutes). Using the directions remove your pops and enjoy!



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