A healthy lifestyle can be as sweet as candy!

Healthy out of the house

Going out to eat can be a daunting task for anyone watching what they eat. Bombarded my a variety of options can be stressful, especially when you can’t be sure what exactly what is going into your meal. if you can’t already tell, I am a big believer that eating (even while on a ‘diet’) can be exciting. Watching what you eat is only as boring as you make it! Today a friend from Germany came to visit and naturally we decided to go grab lunch! Here is what I did to ensure it was a healthy one!…

1) Pick a place before you leave and look at the menu. Many restaurants now-a-days have their nutrition facts available online, so give them a quick check to make sure that a meal isn’t a calorie bomb. (Even some salads can run to 600 calories or above!) if nutrition facts aren’t available look at the ingredients in a meal. Choose options with greens, a lean source of protein, and minimal carbs/sugar. Watch dressings and soups as well to make sure they aren’t creamy and caloric.

2) Don’t be afraid to speak up! If you want dressing on the side, order it on the side. If you want to omit bread, do it! You are paying for it after all, you may as well get something you will enjoy.

3) Refrain from ordering sugary sodas and drinks. Yes, we all love a nice glass of lemonade but it’s usually full of sugar and unnecessary calories! Instead opt for (free) water with lemon, or iced tea.

4) To-go boxes exist! Make a point to start recognizing when you are full and stop! There have been so many times when I just get so excited to eat that I can’t stop myself and end up eating way more than I would have. Take it easy, enjoy your company, allow your body to tell you when you are full, and take the rest home for an easy dinner or lunch the next day!

We ended up going to Sauce on Hampton in Venice! i ordered a quinoa-veggie wrap with flax-seed tempeh and a side of braised kale! I asked my waiter to leave out the tortilla, and my meal out ended up being delicious and guilt-free!

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