A healthy lifestyle can be as sweet as candy!

Wake up, drink

One rule that I try to stick by is to avoid drinking any of my calories for the day, 1) because I’d rather spend them on food, and 2) because typically caloric drinks are NOT HEALTHY…with the exception of homemade shakes and smoothies. Soda, cut it out. Fruit juice, all sugar. Milk, high in calories and not necessary as long as you get enough calcium in your diet. (I also typically avoid everything white but more on that later.) So what should I drink, you ask? WATER….now that is a perfect beverage, and one that people forget they don’t get enough of. I always find I start drinking much more water if I bring a water bottle with me. Currently, I am using a Brita water bottle which makes it easy to fill up anywhere because of its built in filter! (definitely recommend.) Water quenches your thirst while helping you to maintain a healthy weight, so if you aren’t already a big fan…become one! I try to drink as much water as a I can through the day and when I need a change I opt for sparkling water. I used to LOVE soda and sparkling water is a good alternative to get over those carbonated cravings. Sometimes I even add a couple drops of MIO liquid to jazz it up. (Warning: a little goes a LONG way.) Last but not least, I always try to have a cup or two of green tea at night. It’s hard to even start on my love affair with green tea as I’m not sure if I can really do it justice, but it is a WONDER DRINK! It aids in weight-loss, helps to prevent a multitude of diseases, helps with depression, tooth decay, skincare, and much more! Drinking tea is also a nice relaxing way to unwind after a long day. So remember, 1) Don’t drink your calories, 2) Do drink more water, and 3) GO GREEN(tea)

Exceptions to the rule: Almond milk/coconut milk. Occasionally I add these to smoothies/baked goods in lieu of regular dairy milk. I love the taste and it is also much healthier (lower in calories, no additives). One thing I try to steer clear of is Soy, as soy products are typically processed and wind up not being very healthy.

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