A healthy lifestyle can be as sweet as candy!

The Bar Myth

I’m not talking about going out to the bars, or that exam people take to go to Law school. I am talking about protein/snack/meal-replacement bars. Why? You ask, because they are sneaky little bastards. I have tried plenty of bars in my life each time thinking wow look how healthy I am, eating a bar instead of a meal. WRONG, some of those bars are like candy and I don’t mean fitcandy. There is really no way to tell a bar from another without looking at the labels and ingredients. I know it can be tedious but getting in the habit of looking at labels for the food you buy can not only be insightful, it can literally change the way you look at what you chose to put in your body. So many products promote themselves as “all natural’ and ‘low in calories’ when that really doesn’t mean jack shit. Ingredients likeĀ Dipotassium Phosphate and Soy Lecithin are not natural. RULE OF THUMB (or bar) don’t eat what you can’t pronounce! Bars can also be packed with sugar and empty calories, so even if they are low in calories they are not nutritious and you will be hungry before you even finish it. If you still don’t feel like looking at the labels, take a few of my favorite bars. 1) LARA bars- they are vegan, gluten free and come in all sorts of flavors, my favorite being peanut butter cookie 2) CLIF MOJO bars- very yummy and good if you want more of a crunch! I love the peanut butter pretzel (you may start to realize I’m obsessed with peanut butter) 3) If you are really ambitious…make your own! There are tons of great recipes for healthy bars online and this way you can control the sugar content and choose your own ingredients Homemade Bars

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