A healthy lifestyle can be as sweet as candy!


I looove a good protein shake. I like to make them for breakfast, and especially for lunch post-workout (there is nothing like a cold smoothie when you’re hot and sweaty after hitting the gym). Tonight, my roommate (Hi Sydney) insisted I make her a smoothie for dessert, I chose to make a berry peanut butter dessert shake! YUM. I added a half of a frozen banana (good to freeze them if you like a thicker consistency), about a cup and a half of my berry blend from Trader Joe’s, and a scoop of protein powder. My favorite powder is Aria Women’s Whey in vanilla from Trader Joe’s because it is lower in calories (90 for two scoops!). I also threw in a scoop of PB2 for a nice twist. For those who don’t know PB2 is a powdered alternative to peanut butter which contains 85% less calories by pressing out a majority of the fats and oils! Like I’ve mentioned before I have a peanut butter obsession and love that I can eat more of it without feeling guilty. Anyways I threw in a heaping spoonful for taste. Lastly I added some water for blending. I like my smoothies fairly thick so I limit the liquids, but you can always add more for a thinner consistency. I opt for because the powders make for a creamier taste already and  to save calories, but you can also add almond milk or coconut milk instead. And there you go a healthy, satisfying dessert for a late night sweet tooth!


My roommate Syd enjoying her dessert!

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