A healthy lifestyle can be as sweet as candy!

Now, I have a little confession

For the past four months of my life I have been studying abroad in Germany. Imagine how many beers and pretzels I consumed during my time abroad…and double it. I guess it’s safe to say that my body is not the way was before I left, so if you are beginning your weight-loss or lifestyle-change journey, I AM RIGHT THERE WITH YOU! I am not one of those girls who is naturally skinny, I don’t have a wack-ass metabolism that allows me to eat anything I want, and I am not one to jump out of bed at six in the morning to kick-start my metabolism with a trip to the gym. Point is, I have had to work all of my life to feel the way I want, and lets face it look the way I want (although I know it’s not all about looks). Nothing grinds my gears more than someone who hasn’t ever known the real struggle of a lifestyle change blabbing about how simple and easy it is to lose weight or eat healthy, because fact is it’s not always easy. Changing your lifestyle can be grueling, exhausting, and sometimes discouraging, but it can also be  enlightening, liberating, and REWARDING. Learn to embrace the battle, take the good with the bad, and soon you will realize that changing your lifestyle can be as sweet as candy.

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